Thursday, July 24, 2014

The return to running

Yeah, ok so it was just three 30 seconds intervals and it might have been a 13 min/mile pace... but I officially RAN!

The last time I ran was February 9th.  6 months ago.

It felt really, really good.  My hip was smooth, not clunky or achy like it was towards the beginning of February.  My operated hip actually felt better than my other hip, even.  (which sort of is making me think another surgery for that hip might be in my future, but let's not think about that right now)

My surgeon's return to running program is fairly conservative.   I probably won't officially start the back-to-run program until later in the fall.  Firstly - I am still dealing with the hip flexor stuff and I don't need to tempt fate there.  Secondly - who wants to start running in AUGUST?  Talk about torture and sweat.  And lastly - I have a trip to Italy in September and I don't want to mess anything up and end up having to bail on that.  So patience for now.

Here's the plan my surgeon recommends:

So basically, the first few times out, I run a lap on the track.  That's it.   Then a lap and a half.  Then I get to graduate to TWO laps on the track.  And so on and so on.

In other news, I've started wearing a Body Media monitor.  It's like the FitBit or Nike Fuel Band but actually has skin sensors to monitor temperature and sweat so it's a little more accurate. I've found that because I am restricted in my activity, I've been having a hard time adjusting how much I eat.  (read: I'm stuffing my face when I really shouldn't be.)

Here's my last week's worth of data averaged:

You can expand each of the categories and see the breakdown daily - when you are more likely to be sedentary, when you are active, days you were particularly active, etc.   If you are a data junkie, you'll love it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More trails. More bugs.

I did about 4 hours worth of hiking this past weekend, hitting up a few of our local trails that I hadn't been on recently.  One hosts a marathon and I always head south which is more runnable - this time I went north and was like "People RUN this??"  Talk about rocky!

One of the more runnable spots through the rock garden

Not sure why there's a chimney out in the middle of the woods

Rock walls from when this was farm land, I think

One hike started off with a bear sighting.  I've never seen a bear in real life!  He was cute.  Just meandering across the street like it was a normal Sunday.  Tra la la.  He completely ignored us.

I have been trying to find the right combination of bug repellents but these buggers are persistent.  DEET, Permethrin-infused clothes, Badger "natural" bug spray which makes me smell like a citronella candle... nothing worked.   I really need some suggestions because I expend more energy swatting bugs than I do walking.  Wait, maybe I can consider that my upper body workout?  Hmmm.

Over my mini meltdown

I suppose when you are approaching three months of post-op rehab, it's easy to have a meltdown when things seem to be going backwards.

However, it's really important to keep perspective.  Three months really isn't that long in the grand scheme of having a major surgery.

After my horrible week last week, this week has been better.  I have been having some muscle spasms in my hip flexors (TFL, psoas, adductors) so I am pretty positive most of my pain is from that.  I had a massage this week and have really worked on doing things that don't require a lot of lifting of my leg.   Still not 100% pain free, but better.

Tomorrow my therapist wants me to try to run on the treadmill.  I'm not quite sure that's a smart idea knowing that my muscles are already unhappy.  It won't be for anything more than 30 seconds or so, though, so I suppose there's really not much harm there.  I won't be starting a real return-to-running program for another month and a half (mostly because of my schedule over the next 6 weeks but also because I want to be conservative about things).  

The thought of running for 30 seconds has me breaking into a cold sweat.  What if it hurts just like it did before surgery?  What if I'm no better off after all this?  What if, what if, what if.   I think I just need to do it, get over it, and stop having doubts about whether or not I have a running future.  Right?  Right.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And what now?

I am at 11 weeks post-op, and I'm experiencing more pain this week than I have in nearly a month, maybe more.  What sort of mind f*** is that?

I have no idea what's causing it.  I haven't changed anything or increased intensity on exercises, etc.  My hip is achy and I am having a lot of groin pain for no apparent reason.  I've been icing every day after about three weeks of no ice needed and tonight I am going to have to break down and take some pain meds.

Hip flexor tendonitis?  Inflammation?

I am down to one PT session a week now so the first time I will get to see them since this all started is tomorrow.  And they better have some answers, dammit.

I did three miles walking on Monday and three miles tonight and that was about all I could handle.  Too achy and sore.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I've created a monster

Since I've been on the DL, I've kept my meds, supplements and whatnot on the side table next to the recliner.   A few weeks ago,  I gave the dog a salmon oil capsule and to my surprise he loved it, so I gave him another.  I did it a few other times as well, because it was sort of cute to see him munch on the oil cap and all that.  No harm, right?

Fast forward to now, and as I write this post, I have a dog who is whining, barking, stomping his feet because I will not give him a salmon oil cap.   First of all, the things are not cheap and second, while it was cute a week ago, this begging is sort of not cute.   Well, ok, it's still cute but it's crossing into the annoying category as well.   Plus, it's sort of ridiculous to have a dog who begs for... a pill.

"Why are you torturing me?"

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fueled by cupcakes

It's sort of amazing that I've only gained 5 lbs in the last two months since surgery.  Because, basically, cupcakes.  I could get away with that stuff when I was breaking a sweat every day, but there's really no calorie burn happening now even close to negating the constant snacking.  But, alas, they taste yummy.  And since my husband is marathon training, he gets cupcakes.  So then I HAVE to get cupcakes.
Saturday's cupcakes - lemon creme and chocolate raspberry

I have taken a few 4+ mile walks on the rail trail.   It's been a little easier to do it on the trail versus doing the longer walks around the track ('round and 'round and 'round) or around the neighborhood where in any direction there is a huge hill.   It can be a pain living out in the boonies sometimes, but we have a whole slew of different trails available within an easy driving distance.  And having access to a large rail trail system particularly like this is fantastic - it's quiet, pretty and close!